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A repository of articles, guides, insights, and more. Our KnowledgeBase design centralizes vital information for easy access and search by staff and end-users alike.


Content repository development and publishing for community support services.

dis·​cov·​ery - The act of finding or learning something for the first time: the act of discovering knowledge.

Simply put, what end-users know and don't know about your excellent software application determines how long it is helpful to them. (i.e., before feeling the need to have a second look at your competitors!) Discovery goes beyond the basics of instructional content. It makes no difference what vertical market your solutions serve. When end-users use your application and have questions, search and discovery of FAQs, guides, articles, and utilities are critical to their needs day or night.

Empower Your User Community With Great Content

In today's market, 88% of software users expect publishers to offer an online self-service support portal for their use. 66% of end-users will turn to self-service support to answer their questions before picking up the phone.* Providing a well-written, maintained, accessible, and comprehensive KnowledgeBase to your users is essential for the long-term success of your application. Let us help you establish self-service content that strengthens your application product life cycle and bolsters the retention of your user community.

* 2019 State of Global Customer Service Report - Microsoft Corporation

What Sets Us Apart

KnowledgeBase design and implementation are explicitly focused on software development. That is all we do. Like the software you create and publish, documentation to support the end-users understanding of your application is also a fundamental part of the development process.

Unlike most technical writing professionals, we are not generalists. We leave the general content writing to the respective professionals.

Every Project Is Unique

Our staff has years of successful software development and content publishing experience to work directly with your project team at any level. We have the expertise to interpret what your team is developing and how your user community will use it to write effective content. With our services, KnowledgeBase development is no longer an afterthought to your software development project.

KnowledgeBase projects are designed to be stand-alone or fully integrated with documentation and incident tracking for even more comprehensive problem-solving at the end-user and development team levels.

Our Process

Understanding your KnowledgeBase project's objectives is paramount. All of our projects follow a straightforward development process. We ask the right questions to capture complete information on what the software does, its target audience, and future development. Our process includes:

Meet with you and your development team to obtain basic information about your project.

Develop a plan of action and then partner with you to execute the plan.

Learn how the software application your team is publishing works, its features, pain points, and competitive advantages.

Review all guides, insights, how-to's, and training resources available and leverage that content to reuse or repurpose. All written material on the project is valuable to the content development process.

Determine the types of KnowledgeBase documents required for the project's publication.

Develop new content based on a mutually agreed plan.

How We Work

Our staff is flexible in how we work. We work directly with your development team, working side-by-side either on location -or- via distributed collaboration from multiple locations.

We execute your KnowledgeBase projects using the top, web-based document publishing tools the market has to offer. We feature popular applications from multiple vendors to accomplish publication.

And of course, staff and management are always provided the opportunity to follow along with the project anytime.

End-User Benefits

Our experience in application and content development brings real, tangible benefits to your end-users.

End-User Control - Access to valuable, up-to-date content is on the user's terms 24/7, when and where they want it.

User-Friendly Experience - Placing advanced instructional material, content that goes beyond standard documentation in the hands of your end-users enhances their confidence in you and your software.

Powerful Integration - Integrated full search KnowledgeBase and documentation answers questions beyond the basics from multiple sources.

Efficiency - KnowledgeBase search reduces the amount of time end-users spend looking for information or answers relating to their use of your application.

Corporate Benefits

Providing timely and beneficial content to your user community increases business efficiency and the financial bottom line.

Fewer Support Calls - Quality web-based content suites create positive user experiences and reduce the number of technical support calls made to your office.

Lower Support Costs - Reducing the number of inquires from end-users reduces support costs and time wasted on common issues.

Increase Value Add - Reducing the number of common answer support calls allows your support team to focus on the higher-level support needs of the user community. The result? Application support becomes a revenue stream, not an expense.

Branded Support Community - Ownership, not offshore, positively impacts customer satisfaction, product innovation, and your financial bottom line.

Crowdsource - End-users can ask questions and share ideas around topics that are important to the community on the use of your application. Future development gains from this valuable resource!

Intellectual Property Ownership

All copyright and ownership for content produced by the Development Den Northwest, Inc. stay with your corporation. You retain all rights. We encourage your legal representative to apply immediately for and update existing federal copyrights once our work is complete.


Advanced subject matter content to support the end-users deeper understanding of your software is a fundamental part of the development process. Let us help you create content that strengthens your application's product life cycle and bolsters the retention of your user community.

Let us help you build an effective, content-based support-centric, customer-first practice.


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